337 gingivitis subjects were clinically examined to determine Modified Gingival Index (MGI) and Plaque Index (PI) at baseline, 3 and 6 months. The primary efficacy variables were mean MGI and mean PI at 6 months (statistically analyzed by ANCOVA). After professional dental prophylaxis, subjects were randomly assigned to 6-month twice daily unsupervised use of alcohol-free EO, alcohol-free CPC or a negative control rinse, in conjunction with normal brushing and flossing. Safety was monitored throughout the study.


311 subjects completed the study. After 6 months of use, EO significantly reduced plaque (31.6%) and gingivitis (24.0%) compared to negative control. At 6 months, CPC also significantly reduced plaque (6.4%) and gingivitis (4.4%) compared to negative control. EO provided a 26.9% decrease in plaque and a 20.5% decrease in gingivitis compared to CPC (P< 0.001). All rinses were well tolerated.

The alcohol-free EO mouthrinse demonstrated superior efficacy in reducing plaque and gingivitis over 6 months compared to both negative control and alcohol-free CPCmouthrinse.


The new alcohol-free EO formula could be recommended for the long-term management of plaque and gingivitis. As a daily mouthrinse alcohol-free EO was superior to the alcohol-free CPC product, even in the shortterm, and its continuous regular use was accompanied by an increase in plaque and gingivitis reductions.

Cortelli SC, Cortelli JR, Shang H, et al. Long-term management of plaque and gingivitis using an alcohol-free essential oil containing mouthrinse: A-6-month randomizACed clinical trial. Am J Dent 2013; 26:149-155